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Sound-absorbing Noise Reduction Underfloor Heating Household Cork Block Floating Flooring for Bedroom

Sound-absorbing Noise Reduction Underfloor Heating Household Cork Block Floating Flooring for Bedroom

Cork is derived from the bark of an oak tree (also known as Quercus variabilis) growing along the Mediterranean coast. It is one of the oldest trees in the world. 60 million years ago. This tree is mainly distributed in the Mediterranean coast of Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Tunisia and Albania.

Products Specifications:

Sound-absorbing noise reduction underfloor heating household cork block floating flooring for bedroom


Product description

Model N.O LC111503

parquet floating flooring ---rolls out beautiful color

Wallpaper texture, hardwood texture, marble texture are lived again in the cork carpet. made of modern digital spray printing technology realized many kinds of products to match with, and enriched drawing-room pattern, created wonderful room.


· Charge Unit: 1m²

· Material: Cork

· Origin : China

· Surface Process : pu/uv varnished

· Range of The Application: family/commercial

· Thickness: 8.5mm/11mm

· Size: 915*145*11mm/customizable

· brand: LAUCORK

· Type: floating


Cork tissue

The organization is composed of cork corky cells by filled with air, the fiber quality of the cell wall skeleton (lumen), its toughness is particularly good. It is covered with corky and cork wax, make it become a kind of good elasticity (deformation), impervious (ROT), almost no starch, no moth also won't have obvious signs of aging material. Its molecular arrangement is different from that of other trees and has a special honeycomb ring chain structure, the cross section of the zoom microscope, 40 million cubic centimeters per cubic centimeter of sealed air sac. The cork oak has a variety of molecular structure and special physical properties, and thus constitutes a cork is soft, elastic, light weight, mute, thermal insulation, waterproof, insulation, sealing, non-toxic, odorless, flame retardant, acid and alkali, not mildew, moth, environmental protection and other characteristics.

Cork history......

Thousands of years of Egyptian tombs have been found in the cork. The ancient Greeks also invented a cork made of fishnet floats, sandals and hair tonic, more is a large number of used to produce champagne, wine and other wine bottle stopper, cork are also used cork. It can be seen that the characteristics of cork has been discovered and used by people. The real development of the cork industry began in the last 25 years of nineteenth Century (1875), with cork made of walls, floors, cylinders and other insulation material is from then on. Beijing, the ancient capital of China's ancient library laying cork floor, was installed in 1932 by the Dutch, has been more than 70 years, is still in good condition. It is quiet, warm, comfortable, elegant, especially suitable for reading, rest left a deep impact. At the beginning, there was no protective layer on the cork floor, and the surface was only covered with a layer of wax, but it had not been worn for several decades. Its thermal insulation performance. The use of the Mao Zedong memorial hall is also a good example of the use of cork.

Why use cork?

1 comfortable, safe, anti fatigue......

Because each cork cell is a closed air sac, the external pressure will be reduced when the cell, the internal pressure, the pressure, the air pressure in the cell will be restored to the original state of the cell. The resilience of the cork can greatly reduce the pressure caused by the long standing on the back of the human body, legs, feet, for the elderly, children's accidental fall can play a buffer role, can reduce the degree of damage to the human body. Glassware, ceramic products fall is not easy to break.

2 insulation, heat insulation, warm summer cool......

Cork itself is a kind of heat preservation material, the Mao Zedong memorial hall is the use of cork brick. The practice shows that the free hand can take out the cork block in the high temperature box or 120 DEG C low temperature box which is placed at the temperature of 120 DEG C without scalding or frostbite. This characteristic of cork makes the cork floor or wall board feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

3 wear-resistant, non slip, durable......

Under the microscope, cork floor surface is formed by numerous cut cork cells of small sucker, slowing the relative movement of the sole and the floor, reducing the friction, the friction coefficient is added, which played a non slip, wear resistance, and prolong the service life of the floor. Even if there is occasional water or oil on the floor, it will not slip.

4 sound absorption, sound insulation, noise reduction......

The cork with sound propagation and good damping characteristics, makes cork insulation, shock absorption, noise reduction, excellent applied materials, especially suitable for paving in the bedroom, study room, television room, studio, meeting room etc..

5 water, moisture-proof, not boring, refused to mold......

The light weight of the cork, the organic combination of the closed cell structure and the cork wax make it isolated from water. Therefore, in the humid coastal areas of the soft wood flooring, even into the kitchen, bathrooms are the ideal choice. Most plants contain starch, but almost none of them. Therefore, depending on the parasitic bacteria, insects lost the conditions of survival, moth eaten, mildew, rot can not invade the body of cork. Don't worry about getting arthritis or skin allergies, even if someone is sleeping on the floor.

6 energy saving, environmental protection, resource......

Cork is extracted from Quercus variabilis, so it can not only damage trees but promote growth. This is to ensure the orderly supply of resources (renewable resources), but also to ensure the ecological balance. The cork from nature, itself is non-toxic and harmless, not the disease, insects, the use of manufacturing adhesive does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, comply with environmental requirements. As long as the reasonable and orderly mining stripping and use, cork resources can be full of benefits to mankind.



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