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Formaldehyde-free Eco-friendly Antique Cork Floating Flooring

Product description Model N.O FG281501A Antique cork floating flooring ---Antique flavor, Wealth and Comfortable The surface texture of antique tiles are made of modern digital spray printing technology that is realistic,

Products Specifications:

formaldehyde-free Eco-friendly antique cork floating flooring

Product description

Model N.O FG281501A

Cork Flooring Tiles or Cork Floating Floor. To Glue or not To Glue? That is the Question.

Cork flooring, like all wood products, has two installation options: Cork Flooring Tiles and Floating Cork Floor planks. Though similar in appearance, longevity and maintenance, the two floors are at right angles to one another when it comes to installation procedure.

cork flooring tiles floating cork flooringcork flooring tiles floating cork flooring

A Cork Flooring Tiles are 100% cork without any form of fibreboard to interfere with cork’s famous water proof properties. Glue down cork floors require site-finishing to maintain a water proof finish. Without the site-finish, water and dirt will enter the seams of the floor and make their way to the adhesive. Once there, the dirt will act as an abrasive that will slowly eat away at the bond with the subfloor. After a short amount of time (7-10 years) an unsealed cork flooring tiles will begin to fail. The edges will begin to open up to allow more dirt and water to enter and the adhesive bond will continue to deteriorate. Beware of glue in place cork floors that do not require site finishing.



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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